200 years ago...


The year was 1812. James Madison was still President of the United States. The Civil War was forty plus years away. This was the frontier, with fewer than 1000 settlers west of Ridgecrest. Folks settled in places called Swannanoa, Reems Creek and Hominy Valley. Twelve souls decided to form a Baptist church in a log house on the banks of Hominy Creek and call Humphrey Posey to be pastor. Our congregation was born.

1854     Second church building
1916     J.C. Bennett pastor until 1919, and again 1923-1931
1923     Church burned, new sanctuary (Bennett Building) constructed
1945     M.D. Smith becomes pastor
1949    Current sanctuary constructed
1956     Education building built
1973     Fred Werhan becomes pastor
1970s  Founding member of ABCCM, Hominy Child Care,
            Meals on Wheels, and First Counseling Center
1980    Smith Building built
1981     Polly Bryson ordained as first female deacon
1988    Mary Caldwell ordained to ministry
1997    Joe Yelton becomes pastor
1998    Left Southern Baptist Convention,
            partnered with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
2001    ABCCM West Center opened
2002   Ministries Center completed
2004   First Mission Trip to Nada, Kentucky
2004   DayStay Adult Day Care established
2011     Library renovated
2012    200th Birthday!
            Happy Birthday Hominy eliminated building debt
            Gift of Ferguson Center announced
2014    Ferguson Family Life Center dedicated

Information about the Hominy Baptist Church Cemetery