Spring Bazaar

Hominy Baptist Spring Bazaar.jpg

For Potential VendorS:

The purpose of the Hominy Baptist Spring Bazaar is to offer a space for our community vendors and Direct Sales people a place to make themselves known. The table/space fee ($25 for bring your own table or $30 with provided table) is collected to support our student ministry missions trips and other activities that happen every summer. We do our best to make this time and place a welcoming and beneficial opportunity for everyone involved. Jewelry and other hand-crafts are generally so unique that many are welcome at this event.  However, we will be limited to only one vendor representing a direct sales company (i.e., Pampered Chef, Avon, etc.).  If your business is a duplicate, we will contact you immediately and return your check.  You will receive email confirmation once payment is received. 

Below is a form to describe yourself and business and upon receiving this information we will send you the required paperwork to fill out and return to be added as a vendor. Thank you again for your support out the student ministry at Hominy Baptist Church. 

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