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Pioneer CBF Missionaries to Speak at Hominy Baptist

Sunday October 7, at 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Hominy Baptist Church, will host the 17th annual Smith Werhan Distinctively Baptist Preaching Event. Our guest speakers will be T and Kathie Thomas, the first two missionaries to serve through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in 1993. The session at 10:00 will be an informal presentation and Q&A. At 11:00 T and Kathie will bring the sermon during worship.

T Thomas is from Atlanta, Georgia and met Kathie, a preacher’s kid from South Carolina, while they were at Furman University.  After their marriage and seminary, they spent the next 45 years in ministry, mostly overseas.

They have been church planters in Burkina Faso, Romania and the Middle East, but most of their time was spent in France.  Kathie has served a Bible school director in Africa and leader of Baptist Women in France, all while raising a family.  T has served as pastor, seminary professor and denominational leader.

After nearly 18 years as Southern Baptist (SBC) missionaries, the Thomases became disillusioned with its missiology & politics and resigned in protest.  They then became the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s (CBF) first missionaries in 1993 working with the Romany (or, Gypsy) People.  Later, T was associate coordinator for CBF of Florida before being asked to serve as coordinator for CBF of Oklahoma. 

He is also co-founder and director of His Nets, a non-profit that combats malaria by distributing insecticide treated mosquito nets primarily in Africa.  T has also been involved in starting a Pastor Training School in central Haiti. The Thomases have five daughters, seven grand-children and live in Hendersonville.   Since “retiring” Kathie has become a “professional grandmother” and T has done interim pastorates in three churches: one in Sylva and two in France.

Through the Smith Werhan Preaching Event, Hominy Baptist Church honors the pastorates of Rev. M.D. Smith, 1945-1970, and Dr. Fred Werhan, 1973-1995, by focusing attention on the distinctive beliefs, ideals and characteristics of the Baptist tradition.Previous speakers have included Cecil Sherman, Daniel Vestal, James Dunn, Nancy Sehested, Roy Smith, Suzii Paynter, and Guy Sayles. For more information contact the church at 667-4541, or hominy@bellsouth.net