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Welcome to Hominy Baptist Church!

So many things have gone the way of the dinosaur in my lifetime. Being a lifelong Baptist, I hold certain terms and ideas as dear, yet my children know little or nothing of them. For instance, "Training Union." Remember that? How about week-long revival services or two-weeks long daytime Vacation Bible Schools? I remember a time when local county and municipal sports programs wouldn't dare schedule a practice or game for a Wednesday evening out of respect for local congregational life. Today, such things are common.

In spite of all that has evolved into and out of the picture, we at Hominy Baptist Church are still very optimistic about the future. You see, as times have changed, we've made serious strides to adjust so that the word of hope and encouragement we speak is a current word. Yes, we've changed...but not at the expense of our core values. The Hominy Baptist Church is still about the Great Commission call of our Lord Jesus Christ. We still take seriously the admonition to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Here you will discover some wonderful people doing some amazing ministry in some innovative ways. New, yes! Different, yes! Anchored in the bedrock of Christ our King, you bet!

Joe Yelton, Senior Pastor